About Us

Allow us introduce you to our family:
Brad, JaNena, Buck, and Emma.
     We are the Wilson’s and we’re glad you stopped by for a visit - we hope to see you in person some day as well. We purchased our first sire, Buck, from a long-time breeder in Chetopa, KS in 2015 and our first dam, Emma, came from a reputable breeder and friend in Porum, OK. Our Chessies are family members, not just pets and definitely not just used for breeding.
     Buck and Emma go on trips with the family and are inside our house as much as they are roaming the family acreage. Buck and Emma are great with our toddler and tolerate all her petting, poking, and commands. Buck likes to sit in the front seat and occasionally needs to “hold your hand” while in the car. He is a fearless and protective Chessie that wants petted in the morning, but when he has had his fill he is ready to go to work. He is an excellent retriever and is eager to work birds. He goes annually to South Dakota for pheasant hunting. In addition, Buck goes to a competitive hunt each year in Minnesota with Papa Clark and always performs well. Emma is our lover, she is sweet and craves attention from her people. She is more reserved than Buck, but don’t let that fool you, she’s tough when needed. She has chased off other dogs when a child was in danger. Emma has a better nose than Buck, but Buck is more competitive. This makes for a great team in the field.
     This pair of Chessies has produced some beautiful and intelligent pups. (I’m sure you agree since you’re reading this.) As breeders, we like to match the best pup with prospective buyers. We believe that each pup has individual characteristics and personality traits so we take the time to get to know each puppy to help match them to their future home. We also believe that pricing should be reflective of those desirable traits.
     We will always strive to produce healthy, competitive companions so you have more than a pet, you have a family member too. We LOVE hearing about our pups as they get older, so we hope you stay in touch!