Gray Boy
Gray Boy
Gray Boy
Gray Boy
Gray Boy
Gray Boy

Gray Boy

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Gray Boy is curious and intelligent. This brown male is always using his nose and shows interest in tracking scents. Gray Boy is tied with Red Boy for the second biggest male in the litter at five weeks. 

Weight at 5 weeks: 7.6 pounds

Weight at 6 weeks: 10.2 pounds

Weight at 7 weeks: 11.3 pounds

Weight at 8 weeks: 14.2 pounds

Weight at 10 weeks: 19.8 pounds

Weight at 12 weeks: 23.4 pounds

 Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing Score
Social Attraction 2
Following 3
Restraint 5
Social Dominance 5
Elevation Dominance 4
Retrieving 4
Touch Sensitivity 1
Sound Sensitivity 5
Sight Sensitivity 1
Stability 3