Purple Girl
Purple Girl
Purple Girl
Purple Girl
Purple Girl

Purple Girl

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Purple girl is the most affectionate female in the litter. Purple girl is the smallest dog in the litter at five weeks and she has a bobbed tail that does not appear to be the result of a physical modification. She needs a a home that wants to make her part of the family because she always wants to love on her people!

Weight at 5 weeks: 6.4 pounds

Weight at 6 weeks: 10.2 pounds

Weight at 7 weeks: 11.1 pounds

Weight at 8 weeks: 14.0 pounds

Weight at 10 weeks: 18.6 pounds

Weight at 12 weeks: 22.0 pounds

 Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing Score
Social Attraction 2
Following 2
Restraint 5
Social Dominance 4
Elevation Dominance 4
Retrieving 4
Touch Sensitivity 4
Sound Sensitivity 4
Sight Sensitivity 3
Stability 4