Red Boy
Red Boy
Red Boy
Red Boy
Red Boy
Red Boy

Red Boy

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We’ve started calling Red Boy “lover boy” because he always wants to be close to people. This brown male will even take the time to greet you at feeding time when all the others are fighting for their dinner. He's also a "talker" and gives us lots of "roo-roos" already! He is a sweetie! Red boy is confident dog that should go to an experienced dog owner.

Weight at 5 weeks: 7.6 pounds 

Weight at 6 weeks: 10.4 pounds

Weight at 7 weeks: 13.0 pounds

Weight at 8 weeks: 17.4 pounds

 Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing Score
Social Attraction 1
Following 2
Restraint 2
Social Dominance 2
Elevation Dominance 4
Retrieving 4
Touch Sensitivity 2
Sound Sensitivity 4
Sight Sensitivity 2
Stability 4